How to Find Wholesale Suppliers In Vietnam to Start Selling Private Label Products on Amazon or Shopify

How to Find a Good Manufacturer or Wholesale Suppliers in Vietnam?

If you’re searching how to locate a appropriate producer or supplier in Vietnam, you’ve come to the proper place. In this article, we’re going to take you thru each and every step you want to take in order to discover the excellent one.

You understand what product you favor to sell, so you’re already one step ahead. Now it’s time to discover any individual that can manufacture it for you. However, discovering a producer in Vietnam can be a difficult task, specially if it’s the first time you’re doing it! But if you take it step by way of step, you’ll be sourcing and promoting merchandise manufactured in Vietnam in no time.


Building a listing of Vietnamese suppliers who can manufacture your product is your first step. The great region to begin investigating is at the tip of your fingers: the Internet. For this, Google, Bing & Yahoo can appear like the apparent places. But suppose farther ahead: B2B structures might also be extra akin to what you’re searching for. Also, if any of your contacts have sourced from Vietnam before, their word-of-mouth suggestions may be well worth gold and keep you a lot of time, effort, and money. And if you assume you must be searching for the CHEAPEST Vietnamese manufacturer, suppose again! An extraordinarily lower priced producer doesn’t always equal fantastic quit products, time-saving or problem-free processes. For the most part, it’s pretty the opposite.



This step is in reality essential. BEFORE hiring any Vietnamese manufacturer, we advocate verifying that they’re the actual deal. This is one of our 5 recommendations on sourcing from Vietnam, and you can do it by means of inquiring for to see their audited accounts, checking its VAT (Value Added Tax) invoice, asking for product samples, and checking the factory’s Vietnamese credentials (like area and nearby authorities office). Or you can buy an professional Vietnamese sourcing package deal that can assist you get a product to promote in 30 days.

Also, don’t overlook to set expectations with your Vietnamese manufacturer, as properly as asking the proper questions earlier than you begin in order to weed out horrific suppliers.



It as soon as once more comes to verification. And don’t have confidence phrase of mouth or pics right here – request product samples at once or appoint pattern concierge offerings that can assist you in Vietnamese territory. Ensuring that the product will meet your exceptional requirements is key to discovering the proper Vietnamese manufacturer.



If you can, it’s higher this way due to the fact you’ll make certain the high-quality of the manufacturing processes, as properly as verifying that you’ve located the exceptional feasible provider for your product. And if you can’t, then don’t worry! Global TQM can act as your nearby workplace in Vietnam and bodily go to suppliers or alternate shows, run technical audits to evaluation your manufacturer’s capabilities, or even run onsite pre-shipment inspections for you and your business.


Sourcing from Vietnam can be as effortless as these four steps. And we can assist you at each and every stage of your sourcing method – simply get in contact with us!


    Tips on Sourcing Products From Vietnam

Sourcing merchandise from Vietnam can be a perplexing and irritating process. But in fact, it can be very handy as soon as you understand what you want to watch out for. So if you prefer to begin your very own commercial enterprise and have determined to acquire your merchandise from Vietnam, then following these 5 suggestions on sourcing merchandise from Vietnam will assist you end up a pro.



For many people, Google, Bing, and Yahoo appear like logical locations to locate a Vietnamese supplier. The trouble right here is that discovering and figuring out dependable Vietnamese producers can be a full-time job. Aside from the language barrier, if you don’t have the proper ride then the hazard of losing time and cash is very excessive and very real. All of this wasted time can make getting your product on the market a difficult and time-consuming feat.



Also hold in thought that you want to consider and confirm your supplier, checking if they’re an true manufacturing manufacturing unit with the production ability you want or if they’re simply a intermediary or reseller. You can do this by way of asking the manufacturing facility for its audited accounts, checking its VAT (Value Added Tax) invoice, asking for product samples, checking the factory’s Vietnamese credentials, like vicinity and neighborhood authorities office, etc. Or you can buy an specialist Vietnamese sourcing bundle that can assist you get a product to promote in 30 days.



Low manufacturing expenses are the major motive why eCommerce & retail veer toward sourcing from Vietnam. However, this can every so often translate into low excellent merchandise or even merchandise that are nothing like what you desired to sell. We quite advise reviewing and evaluating samples earlier than setting orders with any Vietnamese suppliers. Also, it’s a frequent false impression that suppliers continually ship their high-quality samples to galvanize you. More frequently than not, they frequently rush and ship hand-made samples, or even ship the incorrect product. Add to this the ready time and it can be a very irritating process. But there’s an convenient solution: pattern concierge services. You can get your samples in 1/2 the time and at 1/2 the fee with specialists that assurance your products will meet your excellent necessities earlier than even leaving Vietnam.



Picture your worst nightmare: you discover the proper supplier, employ their services, get your sample, and signal the deal. But when your merchandise arrive, they are of the lowest quality. And in view that you’ve already acquired the shipment, there’s no way to do whatever with these faulty, low-quality products. This is simply now not what you pictured when the manner began. Quality manage is indispensable to make certain the merchandise you bought stay up to your standards. However, we recognize it can be hard to warranty that your merchandise are the best possible fine earlier than leaving the factory. A pre-shipment first-class inspection can assist maintain the nightmare from occurring through making sure your items are up to par earlier than leaving Vietnamese soil.



Vietnamese copycats are one of the largest issues when it comes to sourcing locally. Someone else hijacking your manufacturer or product and stealing all your difficult work is now not some thing you desire happening. What makes it worse is that the first man or woman who applies for the trademark software owns it, even if the registration is now not completed. This potential that you won’t be in a position to end others from promoting merchandise with your trademark in Vietnam. Taking steps to make certain your trademark is included in Vietnam, like hiring nearby professionals who will assist you guard your challenging work, is necessary for any entrepreneur or eCommerce business.



As with the whole lot in the expert world, crystal clear conversation is key. What was once said, what used to be supposed and what was once delivered can be three absolutely extraordinary things. Making certain the whole lot is clear and in writing earlier than transferring ahead is definitely essential. Which is the place a neighborhood workplace in Vietnam would come in handy. Lucky for you, Vinful has you covered.


Book a name nowadays for simple, free recommendation with no obligations.


How to Start Selling Private Label Products on Amazon Or Shopify

If one element is true, it’s that Amazon continues to expand. And in doing so, you can develop and extend your personal commercial enterprise by means of promoting your personal label merchandise on Amazon, Shopify, or any different eCommerce platform out there.


Let’s begin by means of defining what a personal label product is. The thought is simple: you buy familiar merchandise that are already promoting nicely and then remarket them underneath your very personal logo, design, and packaging. If you suppose about it, it’s a foolproof method to make money. Which is why many humans have adopted the notion and made it their very own.



But be mindful: you won’t get prosperous overnight. What you can do is increase a method to commence promoting your personal label merchandise on Amazon or Shopify and develop your enterprise over time.



  1. Pick Your Product

The most essential phase at the back of promoting non-public label merchandise is discovering which product you’re going to sell. Research and find out about the merchandise that work nicely on Amazon and land on the one you prefer to source. As a few tips, attempt to make positive the product dimension will match inner a shoebox, strive to preserve its weight as low as possible, and attempt to locate some thing likable and usual (phone chargers and instances are a famous preference for a reason!).

  1. Find Your Supplier

After you recognize what product you desire to sell, it’s time to locate your supplier. And though you may also be capable to supply the product locally, it’s frequently more cost effective to supply internationally. More specifically, from Vietnam. The key to discovering the first-rate dealer is retaining in thinking the minimal order size, the fee of the goods, the order lead time, and the personal label policy. For greater tips, check out our article on sourcing merchandise from Vietnam.

  1. Design Your Brand

While some humans like to plan their manufacturer and brand after discovering a supplier, you can begin this step in advance of time and have the whole thing ready! Design it yourself, rent a freelance designer, or get a layout business enterprise to design all your branding and packaging. That way you can have the archives prepared to send earlier than sending them to your supplier.


Pro tip: defend your trademark! Stop copycats in Vietnam from hijacking your company and your tough work via defending your brand. If you don’t understand how to do this, we can assist you out.

  1. Prepare Your Amazon/Shopify Listing

While you wait for your provider to fulfill the order, start crafting your Amazon (or Shopify) listing. The key to an exceptional product record is originality, so be certain to create compelling, educational, and unique listings from your competitors. While you’re at it, it’s additionally a right concept to register and guard your manufacturer on Amazon Brand Registry.

  1. Review Your Product Samples

This is one of our 5 pointers when sourcing from Vietnam. Be certain to evaluation your product samples and the average order pleasant – ideally earlier than they depart the Vietnamese factory! If you can’t do this physically, we’ve made it very effortless for you. We can work as your nearby workplace in Vietnam and make sure that the merchandise you sold are the merchandise you get.

  1. Start Selling!

If you’re promoting your personal label merchandise on Amazon, we propose taking gain of FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon). All you have to do right here is keep your merchandise in an Amazon achievement and let the large eCommerce entire the order success method on your behalf. It takes a small piece of your profits, however it takes a giant quantity of work out of your fingers (as properly as offering Prime advantages to your customers). You can improve visitors to your product pages thru social media, e-mail marketing, or advert campaigns.

With these convenient steps, you’re geared up to begin promoting your non-public label merchandise on Amazon or Shopify. If you sense like you want extra information, prefer some coaching or mentoring, or in reality simply the notion to begin promoting your non-public label, get in contact with us or agenda a free 15-minute discovery name to discover how we can assist you increase your business.